Sunday, 26 September 2010


Just got back. What a day! Got a great start leaving around 1.20. Great run down (A1 blocked solid going north at M18!). Arrived Cley 3.03, not bad. We set off but the weather was deteriorating...rapidly! I'd never had the 'pleasure' of the walk, but in a gale force North-westerly with driving rain it seemed like 6 miles. Louise being the trouper that she is, stuck it out for a good mile and a half, but we decided that with the time and distance left it was best for her to return to the car while I plodded on. Arrived around 5.45 to the news that it hadn't been seen for 10 mins. The wind was unbelievable. Just after 6 it popped out and showed very well low in the scrub. Oh happy day!

I'll post a few more thoughts tomorrow...

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