Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Duff follow up...the trail goes cold?

You may have noticed a report today from my patch...c120 Yellow Wagtails and 7 Whinchats!!! Impressive stuff indeed. So, after work I took the old lad down together with bins and scope to enjoy the spectacle. Tried hard for an hour. Total seen...NONE. Maybe they were out of view, maybe they had moved on, maybe they...

Takes me back to my "moment" in the spring with the Red-backed Shrike (just thought I'd mention it again). A few of the locals did mention that is was nice to actually "see" something in the valley!

Res' Cats casting aspersions again regarding the Brown Fly twitch. Following day, early morning only sightings are bound to raise eyebrows. Where did it go? The pressure to see the bird is great, BUT lets be honest chaps.

Controversial post for yours truly.

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