Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Twitching is crazy - but good fun!

Watching the eldest playing Footy for Tadcaster yesterday afternoon. About 4.20 "box" informed me of a probable Collared Fly' at Spurn!

Dilemma...You know how it is, right? Should have been going over to Wakefield after the match for a Barbecue. What to do? Chewed it over for 10 minutes. The bird had been caught and measured but was obviously not confirmed. Would it ever be? A very difficult ID to nail.

However, insurance ticks are always wise, so I confronted my good lady with the 64,000 Dollar question. Being the diamond that she is I got the nod and promised to be back 7.30ish! Made good time and arrived around 6 to find Andy Gibson and John Grist looking at something promising by the entrance gate. Within 2 minutes I got great views of the bird perched on a fence. Very Lucky!

Return journey was a breeze and I arrived to a burger at 7.30!

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