Monday, 3 May 2010

Purple patch

Resumed local birding. Purple patch today. Followed up report of Red-rumped Swallow at joy. Vince had 3 Wood Sands there late morning. However, good birds flowed at Ellerton in the form of 2 DOTTEREL, a cracking Hobby and 5 Wheatears. Big thanks here initially to Pete Roworth who informed me early am. Yours truly couldn't find them! Late afternoon while in the hide at Duff, Vince entered informing me he'd just been watching them! Haydn arrived at that moment so we both set off to find them. Success this time. As we were enjoying great views of a York Area tick Peter arrived with his wife (who found them) to add them to his tally. Quite a gathering of local birders and a superb find.
NB. I've finished my trip report and I'll flag it up when it's published on Surfbirds.

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