Monday, 1 March 2010

Optics - a personal view

Guess we all have our opinions on best optics. Make, size etc etc. For me it's all about convenience. Top makes (if you can afford them) are all excellent with very little to choose between them. Here's my two penneth:-
Zeiss - fantastic image but poor depth of field therefore forever focussing
Swarovski - razor sharp, slightly larger mag and shows great detail. Brilliant ergonmics. Image rather flat and slightly pale
Leica - rich 3D life-like image with greatest contrast/resolution. Smallest and lightest. Focussing issues until HD
Brief or what! All comments apply to 8x32 which I have tested extensively and in my opinion and age is all you need. I see lots of birders with bricks around their necks? Having said that I respect everyone's right to choose. Like I's a personal view!

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