Monday, 9 July 2018

Taking Stock

Quiet times in these lazy, hazy days of summer. Hence the lack of posts recently. The World Cup has taken some of the blame...thankfully! It DOES make a refreshing change. Can we do it?

The weather had been sensational...and yet some people are moaning it's too hot? Short memories after the Beast(s) from the East!!!

Locally, it looks like the Little Tern protection scheme is paying off again which is fantastic news. Hopefully many species should have done well this year.

Personally, I've been making preliminary plans for my trip to the UAE in November/December. It's not a place I would choose to go but three weeks with my son Robert and his wife will be quality time especially when escaping the British winter! I'll no doubt have to spend some time sampling the dubious delights of Dubai BUT touring the seven Emirates will be our main pastime.

Furthermore I've taken the plunge for Spring 2019 and booked us three weeks in Galveston, Texas from April 12th till May 4th. I'll probably get stung regarding my British List but frankly I don't care these days. I have some impressive holiday dips already including BLUE-CHEEKED BEE-EATER and BELTED KINGFISHER. I could spend the time here waiting for the BIG 1 but the prospect of Birding my favourite venue will make the early months of the year fly-by...hopefully!

I'll still be in the game for the "right bird" at the right time!

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