Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Twitching over time

You've probably noticed I've got the twitching bug!

A purple patch on Shetland/Fair Isle at the moment has brought MARMORA'S WARBLER, CRAG MARTIN and SONG SPARROW to our shores. Thankfully I don't "NEED" any of them...pressure off!

When MEGAS turn up though, it still gets the old cogs turning...I guess it's in the blood. It also makes me ponder what I will do when something turns up (and it inevitably will) on some far flung island that I "NEED"? I've took the plunge 2 and a bit times for what I considered high quality...namely:-


No regrets there...and I did manage to eventually get the latter.

Factors such as:-
Cost -£500/£600
Determination...etc etc come into play.

Answer...for me it's now selective and (slightly) more sensible...I hope. My unfortunate escapade last September hasn't put me off chartering but the cost does make me more selective. Looking on-line some chaps seem to have limitless time and money to go at will. I admit I'm (slightly) curious as to how some of them actually manage to do it? Good luck to them!

Again for me I'll just cross that bridge...or not...when the time comes. I have to admit I'm finding it harder to justify such an outlay when comparing it to say 3 weeks in Texas. Again, if you've got the time and the you go. I've got more of the former these days...but less of the latter!!

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