Monday, 19 June 2017

Pyrenees 17 - Day 9. Pic Noir

On site at 6.30...

...but no evidence by 10.45. I did see my first Woodpigeon of the trip though! I also saw a Treecreeper sp briefly and another Crested Tit.

10.50 (I was flagging a bit by now)...I heard one! I drove round to the area I thought it was coming from... nothing. I gave it 15 minutes then drove back to my original site. As I was doing this I saw a black shape darting through the trees. It had to be? It was, in fact TWO together!! They flew behind the car. I got out as one landed some 70yds away up the steep slope.

I could just see it clinging to the tree. By the time I'd lifted my camera it had flown off. I saw them both again through the trees before they disappeared down the slope. I didn't see them again.

Well pleased with what I got. You can always wish for full frame pics. SEEING the bird is paramount, especially when it's a LIFER. I was especially chuffed to find them away from a nest and without a tape.

I returned​ to St Savin to pick Louise up and we headed for Bilbao.

I'll put some meat on the bones of the trip when I get back.

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