Thursday, 29 June 2017

BBA - Poor views

Gave it from dawn until 9.30. A couple of lads from Liverpool were present having stayed locally overnight. John Hewitt and his mate Kev joined us.

As you can see visibility was less than optimal, coupled with a sighting flying North past Whitburn Coastal Park, Co Durham early doors.

A double whammy.

With an uncertain forecast (as usual) it seemed a futile exercise to remain.

I feel there is a reasonable chance of a return...BUT can I get there in time..or at all!

I have given up on the ELEGANT TERN...

Need to see something decent, so I'm off for the Sabine's Gull at Nosterfield

Seen somert...

Back home via Kilnsea Wetlands and this stunner...

White-winged Black Tern adult

Horrendous weather again but great to connect. A Spurn (280) and Patch tick. Almost made up for Albert...but not quite...

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