Tuesday, 2 May 2017

My Birding - taking stock

As you know I've just turned 60 and I am very grateful for that. My Dad wasn't so lucky and neither were many others.

I've positioned myself in an excellent area for Birding. I've been at it in one form or another since 1986. As with many others, it's developed from seeing common birds locally to chasing rarities across the length and breadth of Britain, Europe and the US.

Recent events nationally and locally have got me thinking...always dangerous! I've already mentioned my views on certain decisions. I'm finding myself less and less eager to view other peoples sightings. I need to find or try to find my own Birds now. Things haven't gone to well so far ...plenty to aim for then!

I also enjoyed Cyprus and Texas a little too much! The thought of spending more of our horrendous winter...and Spring abroad is growing stronger with every trip.

I WILL still travel to see what I personally consider to be a kosher bird. I guess I'm my own committee now!  I can now reflect on birds that I've travelled to in the past that I wasn't totally happy with....just to get "a tick" and add to the all important list...at all costs? I've also travelled to see birds that I WAS happy with and yet were rejected!?  I guess I'm becoming a rebel in my old age. At the end of the day...who cares really? I'll just enjoy the birds I come across and choose to try and see. Want not need to see...for me.

So lets get on with it...

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