Monday, 20 February 2017

Felt a bit under (or is it over) par the last couple of days. To try and liven up a bit I decided to take Bud down to Welwick for a good walk in the unbelievably mild weather (16c).
Things were very quiet to start with as we made our way out towards Patrington Haven pumping station. I decided to sit for a while and enjoy the weather, hoping I'd get lucky? It was very mild but still overcast. Around 11 a pair of Marsh Harriers appeared and disappeared into the Marsh...
Always a pleasure to see.
Then 10 minutes later the PALLID appeared, distantly of course!
At least it's a view from above!
After lunch I spent some time at Skeffling before heading down to Kilnsea Wetlands to see if I could find an early Avocet. I didn't in the increasing wind, which was now very strong. The Brent flock was close to the road but I must admit my heart wasn't in another search for the Black Brant. It was now 4pm and I decided to head home to score some points with a quick house clean. I was rewarded for my conscientiousness when I noticed a pale lump in the middle of a field along Easington straight. By the time I'd pulled over and sorted my camera out it was unsurprisingly airborne. I did however manage a record shot...
Peregrine (P.84, S.28)
You just never know...

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