Thursday, 3 November 2016

Waxwing - BVD

A better view desired, an old chestnut I know!
I had my radio this morning...which helps. It might have helped yesterday when Spurn's 3rd Cattle Egret flew North!!!
News was filtering through that Waxwings were still in the area. I didn't want to chase one...I wanted to find one. I decided to try the Canal scrape bushes and car park area. There were still large numbers
of thrushes around, mainly Blackbirds. Always an impressive sight. A couple of Woodcocks flushed as I walked the footpath. 30 minutes passed. I decided to walk through the car park...and I got lucky...
I think I'd been spotted...
It was present for around 30 seconds, so I was on form with the camera on this occasion. I moved slowly round to try and eliminate the stems...
Always a special moment. Let's hope it's a Waxwing winter?

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