Saturday, 5 November 2016

In out, in out...

Spoilt for choice this morning. Glad I didn't "need" either MEGA as it would have been a very difficult decision. Fireworks?

1. A superb Eastern Thrush in a heavily wooded area?

2. An American Swallow that MAY have gone to roost?

A highly unlikely double twitch with limited daylight? My pal Haydn went North and I would have done the same. Unfortunately it turned out to be the wrong decision as the EBT wasn't relocated and the CS did roost and stayed in the Minsmere area all day!! Again an AMAZING double in early November. A superb extension to the season.

Me? I drove to McDonalds for a double sausage muffin and large Latte! The Swallow news was already out but I waited for news on the Thrush. By 10 (and after a chat with Haydn) I reckoned hope was fading.

The Swallow? Minsmere is a nightmare to get to and the days are short now. On the other hand it might be my last chance of the year to see a star bird. Off we go then. I got to Doncaster when the previous conformation turned to an erroneous message? U-turn. Nearly back to Hull...seen again!
Had it!

I spent the afternoon on the Humber shore again, being entertained by Hen Harriers and Short-eared Owls in between wintry showers.

I wonder if it will be there tomorrow? Mmmmm

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