Monday, 24 October 2016

A few thoughts

October is into it's final quarter BUT there's STILL time for some surprises. The winds are swinging West again (my favourite direction) so let's hope for something special from the US of A! A large eruption of RED-BREASTED NUTHATCHES down the Eastern Seaboard at the moment? Ah, memories of Spring 1990...April 11th to be precise. I missed it in the Autumn of 1989. Norfolk was a long way in those days. Lucky boy!

SIBERIAN ACCENTORS are still appearing with another on Orkney today. NOBODY could have foreseen the scale of this invasion. Is that 8 or 9 now? To think I went scuttling off to Shetland for No1, then No2 shows know the rest. It caused some amazing twists of fate for some admirers

I must admit thoughts are starting to turn to my next trip...but I must stay focused for the next least...

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