Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Pyrenees 16 - Day 7...Too much excitement?

Half time report

This was always going to be a low key Birding holiday (although maybe not this low key)! No charging around (not that I could anyway). The plan was to visit as many sites as possible and see what turns up. It’s a stunning area of outstanding natural beauty with some much sought after species, as already mentioned. Our visit was obviously not at the prime time for obvious reasons.

To be honest I’m just glad to be here…mobile. I’ve used it to try and get as much exercise as possible and try to keep up with Louise! Our walk to the Port du Boucharo and beyond in 28c was a fair effort.

The most “birdy”  site so far was perhaps unsurprisingly (raptor watchpoint) the Col de Soulor. It will definitely be re-visited…probably tomorrow (as I sit writing this at lunchtime at the birdless Col de Tournament).

I tried for another three hours this morning at Leitz nr Bareges for Black Woodpecker. No luck again but I did add Bullfinch, Goldcrest, Wren, Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff to the trip list.

We ate at my contact Charles’s restaurant last night in Luz’. Nice Pizza. He said he’d had Lammergeier and Golden Eagle locally yesterday! I’ve asked him for details.

We’ve both agreed it’s an area we’d visit again but probably in June (not possible this year) when things are more lively bird wise. No sulking of course.

The French Pyrenees definitely gets the thumbs up over the Spanish side logistically. Many more facilities, a far superior infrastructure, better scenery with the same key species…mainly.

So, into the second half after a right good team talk. Things not going well apart from the perky Alpine Accentors. Things can change quickly however with one key sighting.
Better get out there and notch it…whatever it is?


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