Friday, 24 June 2016

The Vote!

Well..."we're" out?

I totally accept the right of the individual to make their own choice. I wouldn't want to upset anybody! I don't have to agree with it though. As a 59 year old I've seen a few changes over the years and I'm as patriotic as anyone.

Will our own lot do any better at running the Country?

We're all pretty selfish if truth be told. Personally my main concerns are for my children and wildlife. I fear both are going to be hit HARD by this decision. Financial uncertainty is inevitable and I'm particularly concerned about their Mortgages which could soar.

As for Wildlife...I'm afraid the future looks bleak indeed.

WWF " Britain’s membership of the EU has delivered benefits for our environment – such as reduced air and water pollution, reduced carbon emissions, increased recycling, clean beaches and protected areas for rare species and habitats - that would be hard to replicate in the event of the UK leaving. The report also goes on to highlight the risks and uncertainty associated with likely exit scenarios"

RSPB "We have always believed that, because nature transcends national boundaries, it needs cross-border co-operation to protect it and a common set of international standards that enable it to thrive, he said. As the Prime Minister rightly points out, UK membership of the EU has benefitted nature and the environment in ways that would be hard to replicate if we left. The RSPB will not be telling people how to vote, and we recognise that voters will be weighing up a range of issues when casting their votes on 23 June. However, we want a secure future for our most precious wildlife and the places they call home"
A final point...
I'll let you work this one out regarding the effect on our youth...
I've always liked the saying..."if it's not broke, don't fix it!" Overall, I didn't think it was...

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