Sunday, 3 April 2016

Texas 16 - Bolivar clean up

Had to leave my last post with the superb Reddish Egret. Such a special species for so many reasons.

After rejoining Louise we drove back along the beach in the fading light. I was still picking up trip ticks. The birds aren't aware of boundaries. In amongst the Spring Break barbecue parties I managed to eek out a Red Knot...

Just as we were turning to leave the beach I noticed some movement in the half-light..

Scurrying Horned Lark

Of the 4 "Sand Plovers" I'd connected with Wilson's and Semi-palmated. I hoped to have seen the paler Snowy and Piping on my walk but couldn't find them. We were almost off the beach when I noticed another movement (I was testing Louise's patience by now!). "Last stop" I pleaded.
A couple of Piping...

Another bird buried down in the sand facing away...Snowy!!

Stay tuned...

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