Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Texas 16 - Movin on

We headed back West this morning about 70 miles to Sheffield on I10. I was hoping to photograph Gray Vireo. The interstate was virtually empty, as is usually the case out West. Not quite like the M1.
We stopped off at the Pecos river for a few pics. I love American history. The Pecos was the start of the “true West” and Judge Roy Bean dished out the punishments! Tough times.

Famous names...

This was probably my 4th trip to this site over the years and my track record continued this morning with no sightings. Granted it’s an elusive species and I’m “early” in the year BUT eBird informs me that fellow birders have connected at this date? Must be me!
The weather was superb however. A wonderful 22c with blue sky and no wind. The view was spectacular…

I received an e-mail from Lorna this morning kindly informing me that I can visit her this evening from 6. So we’ve undertaken the 4 hour drive from Sheffield to New Braunfels along I10. We’ll stop off at Boerne for Louise to have a look. There’s a strong historical German influence in the area which obviously appeals to the ex-language teacher. I’m well overdue reciprocating for her patience as my pal Trevor pointed out.
Fingers crossed…It would be nice to see at least ONE target bird!!
March 15th
Not to be…again!
We spent an hour with Lorna and her friends last night (14th). Great lady, really friendly and hospitable. She had an interesting garden, definitely birder friendly…

 She said he left on the 19th last year, which gave hope so I returned at dawn this morning. Lorna had hung on before she went to work, which was much appreciated…but Clyde had departed to find a new lady in the NW. Maybe yesterdays 95F had something to do with it?
So my tale of woe continues. On reflection I could/should have arrived earlier in the month but I gambled on the wintering targets hanging on for me as I wanted to enjoy the start of the Spring migration and have more daylight hours (with the clock change) and hopefully better weather for Louise.
No regrets…just disappointment…so far.
Today is a tourist day. We’ll be visiting Fredericksburg which is east of Kerrville were we’re staying tonight. The strong German influence is very evident although Lorna informed us that the historic population was dying out now.
Not sure what to do next. There are a few Texas ticks locally…
Red-naped Sapsucker (rare)
McCown’s Longspur
Golden-crowned Kinglet
Fox Sparrow
Sage Thrasher
Chorpus Christi area has…
Surfbird (rare)
Short-eared Owl
I have to admit though I’m tempted to just head for the RGV to hopefully connect with my 2 ABA targets…
…before they also disappear!!

Stay tuned...

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Lorna Clevenger said...

I agree on the warm weather and Clyde leaving. Last year he left on March 19 after 2 months of rain, and two Black Chinned Hummingbirds were buzzing around.