Monday, 9 November 2015

CRAG MARTIN - uninspiring

Quite pleased with that one!

Louise insisted on doing some Christmas shopping in Chesterfield this afternoon on our way back from a great night with family.

My eldest lad Graeme with his son Daniel at Pugney's Country Park
That's handy, I thought to myself!!

I arrived at 1.20, found a car park and got wrapped up as it was persisting it down. Now where is that crooked spire?

I made my way towards it and joined the dispersed group (c.100). The bird wasn't showing but almost immediately I picked it up, distantly, over the adjacent buildings. It was in view around 5 seconds before speeding off North. I gave it till 3.30 but it wasn't seen again. I was pleased to see it (obviously) but I really wanted to get some photos, despite the bad weather.

I'd seen the Leicestershire bird on the 17th April 1999 BUT missed it in Yorks the next day as my lads were playing footy. I also missed the Flamborough bird due to a holiday. I reckon it's around 7 miles from the Yorkshire border, as the CRAG MARTIN flies. It's disappeared in the afternoon on both days...North? I can dream. Maybe I should have tried Rother Valley C.P.

Any excuse to post one of my favourite songs...

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