Sunday, 16 August 2015

Saturday at Spurn

Still playing catch up!

Yesterday I went down to Spurn...earlier. I found myself on Beacon Lane again after a report of a Wood Warbler. Plenty of familiar faces about with it being the weekend, a who's who of Yorkshire Birders!

The Icterine Warbler was re-located but dis-appeared before I could get "on it". The chaps had been toing and froing between the lane and Sandy Beaches Caravan site...the first time I'd spent any length of time in there as I wasn't sure about access? The IW seemed to have moved and so did the crowd. I wasn't that bothered as I'd seen it the day before. I decided to hang around a couple of trees near the office on the caravan site...I'm a strange man!

After around 15 minutes a Pied Fly...which soon disappeared. Than after a good 50 minutes I thought I got a glimpse of the the bird I was hoping to see. A bird that is sadly diminishing in so many. I used to see them regularly at the wonderful Bolton Abbey but they've become very scarce over recent years, unfortunately. My perseverance paid off...

A typical will-o-the-wisp phyllosc...good sport though!

I waited some more...a decent crowd had assembled by now but the bird had disappeared again. Then news of a Barred Warbler along the canal...mass exodus! Not for me. I've seen plenty of Barred Warblers, Nice birds BUT I wanted more of this little gem. The trouble with August is that there are too many LEAVES! Fleeting movements but no clear view. Then my patience paid off, in spades.

Firstly through the branches...

Then a clear view...well nearly!

A lovely bird.

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