Monday, 1 June 2015

Unpredictability - 2 PATCH ticks in a day!!

One of many things I like about this great pastime of ours is exactly this. Quiet periods then BOOM!!!

I made  two visits today. The first was to try and see the American Wigeon drake that I'd failed to find previously. As I made my way along the canal path I bumped into Barry Spence who told me it was still present but distant. It was good to see him as I hadn't seen him for quite a while. He also told me "I'd need a 'scope" which would be a problem as I'd left it at home!

The wind was VERY strong which obviously didn't help locate a bird that was around 100 yds away on a pool with plenty of vegetation. I tried various points along the path but there was no sign of it. At least it wasn't raining.

Another 10 minutes or so past and I was beginning to think about my Hospital appointment in Hull when ...there it was!

Really chuffed to connect with this bird. I know many birders don't like ducks. I do! So, an addition to my Patch/Spurn life lists (P.110, S.88). It was time to leave for Castle Hill now. All went well and as I returned to the car I got a text off my pal Gavin to say he'd found a Red-necked Phalarope (P.111, S. 89) in Holderness Field while looking for "the Wigeon". Great find Gavin!!

I arrived at Kilnsea Wetlands car park to a continuing strong wind but not the torrential rain I'd just past through, thankfully!

I past Mick Turton who told me the bird was still present. Gavin was still on site and put me on the bird immediately. The views were again distant and the light was very poor. The bird was fighting the strong southerly wind remaining in the same area of the pool throughout my stay...

The extra habitat in the are is certainly paying dividends and no doubt plenty more to come!

Quite a day...despite the weather.

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