Saturday, 13 June 2015

THE Spring?

Managed to squeeze in a trip for the HUDSONIAN WHIMBREL. Have to say it's not an inspiring addition to my list but it's deemed a species now by the BOU, so that's good enough for me. I have my personal view but never mind.

This Spring has been incredible for MEGA birds.

I don't have a monster total, but it's decent. Yet I've added FIVE new birds to my British List...Amazing!

Plus there's a (fading) chance of a SIXTH with troops looking for a stunning male CRETSZCHMAR'S BUNTING on Bardsey Island, Wales as I write. Some stunning pics here

...AND a breaking male BLACK-EARED WHEATEAR this morning in Hants!!!


You may have gathered by now I'm pretty keen on twitching! I realize not everybody who follows this blog is interested in this area of Birding...but migration is coming to a close now.

Some of my pals have jacked it in for various reasons...stress being one of them. I can understand that, but for me it gives me adventure and a challenge, which I love. I've invested a LOT of time and effort...and (obviously) money in chasing birds throughout Britain (I don't do Ireland). So it would be rude to give up now. In fact I'm more determined than ever to "catch up" on birds I missed in my past due to commitments.

Roll on AUTUMN...after some holiday birding of course. Off to Spain later this month so I better start planning, as I've been too busy twitching (and working) to sort it out.


Erich Hediger said...

Glad you're catching with a few good birds. Enjoy Spain

Alan Whitehead said...

Cheers Erich. Been quite a run and the Cretzschmar's is still there!