Thursday, 22 January 2015

Pete Piringer

A decent day Birding became meaningless this evening as I received a phone call from Pete's wife informing me that he had sadly passed away.

I first met Pete at Wheldrake Ings in 1986 shortly after I moved to the York area. The LDV (Lower Derwent Valley) was his first love even when he moved to Bridlington in the 90's. I used to regularly see him at Wheldrake Ings when I lived at Wilberfoss. We spent many happy hours in the tower hide. He bought a house in Thorganby some years ago, returning to the area he loved the most.

I still used to see him when I moved to North Duffield in 2003, but not as often. I knew he'd been ill for quite a while but he never dwelt on it. I used to pass him cycling to work in all weathers as I to made my way to earn a crust.

Pete was a superb birder with a quick eye. He was the first person to pick up the CLIFF SWALLOW as we stood by the caravan park at Spurn on 23rd October 1995. I also met him on Scilly a couple of times. He was keen to try and photograph some of the rare birds he'd seen previously.

He was a great story teller with an amazing memory for dates. I shall miss him.

A very sad day...

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