Saturday, 3 January 2015

All change

Solid block of shifts till Wednesday...BUT...SIX days off after that! So, I guess my birding in 2015 starts in earnest next Thursday.

After the wonderful and surprising end to 2014 a period of reflection wouldn't go amiss. Glad I didn't follow up my fanciful and extravagant thoughts of a New Year break. A change of luck at last.

Some final totting up to do for the year totals...then some decisions to be made regarding strategy for 2015. Not quite sure what that might be yet but I've got a pretty good idea. I'm determined to try some new approaches to my Birding...and stick with it throughout the year.

I haven't forgotten about my Florida write up. I'll try and conclude it in the next few days. Most of the action took place towards the end of the trip.

Whatever plans you have for your Birding year...I hope it's an enjoyable and rewarding one...

I'll finish with a record shot of the LITTLE BUSTARD in flight, taken by Tony Dixon who relocated the bird after the initial find by Kevin Barnard. He took it through his bins as insurance, as he wasn't to know if it was disappearing for good...

Wish I'd have seen it in flight.

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