Thursday, 15 January 2015

ABA updates

I'll make this brief!

Over the past few years the AOU like the BOU have split certain species. Bubo haven't updated their ABA list so I can't add these additions to my list BUT I can mention them here...for those of you that are interested of course.

The first is HAWAIIAN PETREL. I saw this bird on the August 8th 2008 whilst on a pelagic out of Fort Bragg ran by Debbie may have heard of her? Steve Howell another well known author of several bird books was the main guide. Nice bloke, born in Wales! I've dug out a record shot from my archives...quite chuffed with that after 6 years! This was fortunately taken during a lull in my sea-sickness...

A distant view of a true MEGA!
ABA 668

...and now the splits...

Sage Sparrow has become Sagebrush and Bell's...the dark coastal form belli was fortunately seen well by yours truly on the same trip. Sagebrush is breeds throughout the Great Basin.

ABA 669

Clapper Rail has become Ridgeway Rail in the West (California, Nevada, Arizona).

ABA 670

As far as I'm aware that's it regarding listing ...for now. I'd love to reach 700. There are obviously lots of variables here...including visits, money, longevity amongst others. I hope to visit again soon...

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