Saturday, 10 January 2015

A few more...

Bit breezy this morning. I'm not as slender as I once was but I was still struggling to keep on my feet at times. I was on the floodbank at Skeffling mind you. Strongest wind I'd experienced for a long time. After the initial dog relief session I must admit I returned to the shelter of the car. I was contemplating the next move and cursing the atrocious weather when my mood changed instantly...


Chuffed to get a record shot as I could hardly hold the camera still. The bird was around 100yds away and drifted off towards Sammy's Point. I didn't see it again.

Always interesting to see animal behaviour. I kept noticing clods of earth in the middle of fields...

Early I know, but are they claiming territory?

A combination of increasing wind strength (which took some doing) and still failing energy (very irritating) meant I ended up falling asleep in the car listening to the footy. I MUST still be a bit under the weather!

Total up to 51.

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