Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Ever tried to pick one out of a large flock of Brents? I'd been scanning various groups on and off for about a week now. Nothing stood out. They can vary widely in plumage. 

I tried again this morning down Beacon lane. I picked a very large group up...around 400, feeding in the field west of BL.

I took my 'scope for a change (getting lazy in my old age) and decided to have a scan from distance (c.200yds). The field undulated and some birds were obscured. Is that it? Nah. That one? Nope.

What about this one...

Can you see it?
Once seen it does stand out...BUT...until it does?

I then took the footpath to Beacon ponds. Again the undulations were a problem (sounds like a disease that!) but eventually I picked it up again despite looking into the sun.

Call of the wild
Think it knows it's special!

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