Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Catch up.

Day off today, so time for a review and a general catch up.

First the morning fun. I was in position, sat in the Texas chair seawatching at 8. Quiet...very quiet! Beautiful still sunny morning though with a molten sea. No wind, well hardly. Ah, that's why it's quiet!!

Around 9 a few Gannets started to drift north. Then a few Scoter flocks. A couple of Fulmars. Almost exciting. It was nearly 10 now and time for a change of scene. One last scan. Coming in from the north...a Shag (P.134, H.92). Then 3 Arctic Skuas (P.135, H.93) cruised south. This is more like it! Finally, the icing on the cake. A superb Pomarine Skua (P.136, H.94) on display for 15 minutes chasing the terns. Great stuff!

So, there we are, a decent seawatch.

I've updated my lists. Specific species can be viewed by clicking the tabs above...if you're at a lose end!

Controversy in Cornwall with an EASTERN PHEOBE being claimed by my pal Mark Halliday. Seems now that the consensus is Spotted Flycatcher. It's a brave call when confronted with a possible MEGA. Damned if you do...damned if you don't. I'd love to have the dilemma...I think?

Hot off the press...ALDER FLYCATCHER in Cornwall accepted. No good to me though. Hopefully the Blakeney Point bird will follow?

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