Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Time running out...

Busy day tomorrow. Got to get sorted for Sunday...lots to do as I'm working Friday and Saturday.

Exciting though! 

Hard to believe we'll wake up Monday morning in Miami. As stated previously I'll try and post some highlights on the Blog if possible. I've got plenty of info' regarding my target birds and I'm pretty confident I'll connect with them all...except one? 

AUDUBON'S SHEARWATER will be a miracle sighting on the trip to the Dry Tortugas...but it is possible! I would definitely get it on one of the three day trips. Three reasons this isn't happening. 1. Louise! 2. Seasickness!! 3. Cost!!!

Locally, I took Bud down to Sammy's again this evening. We spent a pleasant hour in lovely Spring-like conditions and I managed to finally locate another Wheatear...

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