Thursday, 6 March 2014

Local stuff

After the weekend excitement it was back to local birding. Nothing wrong with that!

A trip down Snakey lane, at last, produced my year Red-legged Partridge (P.88, H.45)...

Further down the lane towards Patrington the Grey Patridges were still in their favourite field...

Even further down I heard a few Corn Buntings singing (P.89, H.46)...

you'll have to take my word for it!
Spent an hour or two with Phil who showed me some new sites in the area. At the last site, Stone Creek we were fortunate enough to see this Barn Owl hunting...

Just after I left him to head home, I caught sight of a raptor heading towards Patrington Haven. I lost it of course, but it tempted me to try and find it again.

I did...

Chuffed to pick it out with my bins
Closer...Cream-crown Marsh Harrier!

Then it moved because it was disturbed by a Buzzard!

Big late bonus.

Followed by another one. I was gutted to have missed the Aurora Borealis (one of the very few down sides of not watching the news!). Some great photos from fellow blogger Stringer here. BUT I had my own moment on this day at dusk...OK it's not the "Northern lights" but it's pretty unusual?

Photo as taken, not enhanced

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