Tuesday, 4 March 2014


What to do? I have a Pending list of birds seen in Britain which haven't yet been accepted...which I won't bore you with. One of them was Hooded Merganser. I saw the Whetsted Gravel Pits bird in Kent in 2012 and placed it on this list. Trouble id I then tend to (semi) forget about these records.

So, when I was recording my AMERICAN HERRING GULL I noticed this and checked with RBA previous records. It's been accepted! An armchair tick! This takes my (strictly) BOU British list to 489.

This is obviously reflected on my BUBO badge. I notice that some British lists on BUBO are not BOU. Birders can obviously choose to "follow" whoever they want but I do find this a tad mis-leading personally for comparison purposes.

I realise the AHG hasn't been accepted yet but I've stuck it on (so I don't forget!). If it gets rejected I'll remove it. Simple?

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