Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The bird has flown...hopefully?

"Hopefully" meaning it hasn't expired! They do have a poor track record in the survival stakes.

It leaves a few mixed feelings...

A typical scenario...

Firstly there's the "wait for news" while you're at work. Always a tense time riddled with mixed emotions. You want it to be there...and ain't gonna see it!!

Then, if it is there (which in this case it obviously wasn't) you have another night to wait or maybe even till weekend.

What a relaxing pastime?

Now, if you're not a twitcher there's no problem. You just enjoy the birds in whatever context you choose.

Personally I'm greedy and want to enter into all aspects.

I've reached my mini-break. SIX glorious days off! I'll be checking the Holmpton seafront early tomorrow. Now then, I wonder if that Guillemot has moved south...

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