Monday, 25 November 2013


We all love it ...or do we? I hate "the news"'s almost all BAD. I NEVER buy a newspaper. So many negative things in our World. I know they exist but I certainly don't want then rammed down my throat. It's not a Rose-coloured spectacles scenario, it's just being selective. Rant over!

Back to Birds...

1. Photos of a GYR published here got things stirred up here. It would have been nice though...VERY NICE!!!

2. A Stonechat on Scilly. A "few" pics here! Race or Species? Very least for me! My problem is how many splits do you make? Just an observation, you understand.

Great to have opinions and generate discussion. Not so great to get personal. That's why I decline on-line forums generally. I prefer to spout here were I can have control of comment. Don't get me wrong I'm a big boy and hope that my honesty when mistakes are made is clear for all to see. Best to be positive I can be difficult on occasions i.e my attempt to update on the SLATY-BACKED GULL on Birdforum (I promise I won't mention that again!).

A couple of (possibly) light-hearted example of how things can get strained names of course to protect the guilty.

HERMIT THRUSH twitch (Cornwall 1/11/2013) - early afternoon, things not looking good. No sign since early am. Much self-chastisement taking place. I notice a chap coming down the path of a house opposite the small wood the bird had been frequenting. "It's in the back garden" he proclaims joyously! "Did you get permission?" I ask reasonably. "No, but I knocked on the door!?" So, he'd basically trespassed and yet been rewarded. The rest of us didn't and hadn't!

NEVER MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I'd only driven 400+ miles through the night and waited around for 5+ hours! Granted I'd stupidly arrived after first light as already stated.

I reckon/know some would see nothing wrong with this. I do...

I wouldn't take to kindly to a strange bloke wondering around my garden...neither would my German Shepherd! A rather frustrating scenario I think you'd agree...

SQAUCCO HERON twitch -  (Doncaster 3/6/1994) - a long time ago but still fresh in my mind. Great bird for Yorks. Apart from the one day at Spurn it was the last truly twitchable bird in the county. I was one of the first there and the admiring group was ever increasing. We were all looking across the strip of water to the bushes were it was last seen. Then, there it was in full view...great. Then another movement not 5 yards away...what could it be? Unbelievably (or maybe not) a photographer stuck his head out of the bushes to take a picture. Guess what the bird guessed cleared off!

Luckily it stayed in the area for 6 might not have done. This situation is obviously not unique. The point?...sensitivities...or lack of them. Online forums are littered with debates about twitchers behaviour...good and bad. Will it ever change...I doubt it. Best to get there ASAP...I'll have to remember that one!!

Just an opinion you understand...there are lots of great things about our wonderful pastime...

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