Sunday, 13 October 2013

Work and Play

Proper fall at Spurn today. 

Terrible weather (for birders) till around 11 when the torrential rain eased off. Then plenty of birds...details here

My ears pricked up with a shout of possible Parrot Crossbills but no more was heard. 

I was balancing birding with work today and managed it OK.

Saw at least 3 G.S.Woodpeckers including this sodden individual feeding in Kilnsea Churchyard...

Goldcrests were everywhere. Such a cute species. No apologies for posting a series of albeit "soft focus" images! It WAS raining and VERY dull...

I must have seen double figure Blackcaps plus hundreds of thrushes including 3 Ring Ouzels. I didn't have time to "twitch" the Dusky Warbler or see it when it was trapped but no matter, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I had. I even popped back for an hour between runs mid-afternoon!

3 full days now so I'm out of the picture until my big break starting Thursday. I'm not going to mention the possibilty of a MEGA during this period. Whoops...I just have!

p.s. I wasn't going to post this and to be honest I'd forgotten Id took it. While I was sat in my car waiting for the rain to ease off this morning, a Woodcock nearly hit the windscreen and landed right next to the car! In my haste to get a pic I inadvertently had the camera on the wrong setting. Here's the picture anyway..

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