Thursday, 31 October 2013

Off again!

Two more birds I haven't Britain.

My work colleagues have helped out again with shift swaps to enable me to have a go. I will pay this back and more. It is very much appreciated.

So tomorrow I head south to try for the HERMIT THRUSH in Cornwall. I intend to travel down early to Exeter and wait for news. I just hope if it's still there that some of the chaps don't get to close and personal...if you get my drift. Let's just stay back and let the bird come to us.

I then intend to head north to try for the MOURNING DOVE on Rhum. I will take the ferry on Saturday morning from Mallaig at 10.20 (weather permitting of course!). I've booked a caravan (plus breakfast and evening meal) for 2 nights. I hope to see some Eagles.

I've received some great feedback regarding my trip to Unst. I'm flattered!

Wish me's a loooooooooooong winter

Here are a couple more photos of the CAPE MAY on the deck taken by Simon Slade...

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