Saturday, 1 June 2013

Heard but not seen?

The tickers dilemma! You hear a bird but don't see it. Can you tick it for whatever list you are keeping?

Obviously, some species are very difficult to see i.e Quail, Corncrake to name but two. For me , if it's a LIFE bird it HAS to be seen.

What about a County tick? Same criteria for me.

BUT...How about a year tick for a Patch. Mmmmm.

You hear it, you recognise the song/call, so it's there right...on the Patch...but you can't SEE it.

What to do?

This scenario happened to me this morning at Sammy's Point. I had great audio of a Thrush Nightingale (a first, the song that is) but no visual (as Jack Bauer would say). This was supplemented by a Marsh Warbler...same scenario.

Answer...not sure...! Let's face it...who cares's my/your list!!


Richard Gray said...

This week I heard my first cuckoo for years. Not the same but I thought I'd share anyway! Also watched a buzzard being harried directly over our house this morning.
Keep up the good work Al, love the blog.

Alan Whitehead said...

Cheers Richard. Great records! Nice to know someone out there is reading this. Take care...