Sunday, 12 May 2013

Unexpected Circumstances!

Things didn't pan out as I hoped today, to say the least! No Birding was possible.

Briefly, my young dog Buddy was unfortunately bitten by my lads on the afternoon we were picking him up after our holiday. So, off to the vets for a few stitches and a £430 bill. Two nights later the young man is agitated and just won't settle. The morning after his side is split for a second time by an abscess due to infection from the initial bite.

Was the wound cleaned properly? Who knows but another £430 for a second set of stitches!! The money is a (BIG) blow of course but I just hope he's OK now. Pet insurance?..looks a good option at the moment but hindsight is a wonderful thing and can mount up somewhat.

Anyway that's my problem.


Britain...COLLARED FLYCATCHER was a superb find in the North East by stringer. Great reward for dedicating yourself to a local patch.

ABA...If you are interested in viewing the Texas spring just passed. Below are a couple of links to give you a flavour of what passed through.

High Island

Sabine Woods

For the record
I managed to add 2 species to my ABA list in the form of Gray Vireo and Ruff taking my total to 658.
My Texas list increased by ten to 443.

That's the bones. I'll add some meat later...

Oh nearly forgot. Added Yellow Wagtail (P.114, H.61) this afternoon down Snakey lane. So there was a touch of Birding after all!

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