Sunday, 20 January 2013

Significant Differences

Didn't managed to post yesterday due to "techno" problems (a bit more later) but I had a great day.

Started at the sewage works and with the help of Phil Jones managed to locate a Snow Bunting (P.77, H.34) north of the track. The large group (67) seen by Phil earlier in the week moved onto Easington although no sightings yesterday. Large numbers of Skylarks (H.35, P.78) present here (c250) plus many Meadow Pipits (H.36) and Fieldfare. Also added Golden Plover (H.37)

and Lapwing (H.38).

Great to have large numbers of birds around when birding is limited by lack of daylight.

Having enjoyed a good hour here I left Phil and made my way down to Patrington Haven via snakey lane. No lingering Kingfisher but my first Heron (P.79) of the year was fishing in the channel. A lone male Gadwall (P.80) flying over was a nice bonus here.

I then moved onto Skeffling to give Bud a stretch...

While he was doing what dogs do I scanned the estuary. I picked up a raft of ducks...Mallard...Mallard...Mallard...Pintail!! (P.81). I definitely saw 2 males and a female but more were probably present, hidden by the vegetation. Great to see one of my favourite "Duff" birds present on my Patch...

Onto Spurn.

Lots of birds here too. Large numbers of Golden Plover and Lapwing plus both winter thrushes. Also found my first Pied Wagtail (P.82) of the year here!
As the light was fading this character drifted into view, probably pushed down the peninsular by the weather...

Stopped off at the Gas Terminal to see if the Snow Bunts were present. No luck but again plenty of plovers, including a couple of these (P.83)...

Today's highlight was undoubtedly first thing when a dog walk by the sewage works produced a fine female Perergrine (H.39, P.84) on a kill in the adjacent field...definitely worth getting up for!! A return visit to Skeffling revealed c50 Pintail.

Really enjoying getting to know my Patch in winter. I've obtained close views of many species I was unable to get close to/or see at Duff. Not better or worse...just different!

Techno note: My upload button for my photos has disappeared? I use Internet Explorer. It works fine on Google Chrome? Just wondered if anyone out there knows why?

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