Monday, 26 November 2012

Surprise tick?

Jizz test!
Noah's flood  and Andy Walker's post encouraged me to visit "the Duff" today. I arrived around 10.30 to (very) misty conditions but within a few minutes I was looking at my first Scaup for the site (NDC.149)! I know but it's true!! I'd seen a few dodgy female Tufted Ducks over the years but never a bonefide specimen. Around for about 3 weeks apparently, so very lucky that it hung about for me.
The river comes in handy as an extra habitat (especially when in flood). It also allowed me to score with a Common Scoter (31/3/2006).

So, my next tick will be 150. Hope it's something special. I'll have to have a think what it might be?

My full list can be viewed at the top of the Blog, if you hadn't realised...or care to look!?

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