Monday, 5 November 2012

Any ideas?

heavily cropped
Any experts on wing/neck length formula! Just a bit of fun. No comments yet?
Went down to Sammy's this morning, plenty of thrushes...

...finally connected with my first Spurn Ring Ouzel sighting for 8 years (S.130, P169). Even better, if slightly embarrassing I realised when I got home that I had seen my first EVER Spurn Buzzard (S131, P170)...thanks to overhearing Adam Hutt on the radio! In my defence I've only become a local since December!

Still plenty of Blackbirds around

Bumped into Ian Smith as I left and had a bit of a natter even though it was hard to hear him because of a pair of these...

out of the mist


Tim Jones said...

If its of any help heres a photo of it as it went past spurn

Alan Whitehead said...

Cheers Tim. Has to be the same bird! My camera clock was wrong, I reckon the time difference between sightings was around 12 mins. Pity it was an Aylesbury Duck?!