Saturday, 6 October 2012

More Owls!

Change of plan meant combing the village this glorious morning. Leaves falling more readily now so viewing those trees much easier and that's all I saw!

Needed to see some birds, so I had a drive down to Kilnsea Wetlands for a walk up to Beacon Ponds. At least that was the plan. Louise's car didn't co-operate however by losing power for some unknown reason.

This meant a call to Green Flag. Shortly after my phone call the pager informed me of a redhead Smew and 2 Goldeneye (both Spurn lifers) off the seawatching hut!! Your intrepid birder used te time wisely by scanning the flood bank and Sammy's. Around 3.40 I was looking at 3 SEO's and a Barn Owl hunting the Humber shoreline!

The breakdown truck rolled up 90 minutes later and sorted her out. I drove down to the seawatching hut but alas, by the time I scanned with my 'scope they were long gone.

Just been reading Andy Roadhouse's article in Yorkshire Birding regarding the Spurn Recording area. It seems it's been extended to include Easington i.e. the greater Spurn Area as outlined in the report. I'll have to review my records. WHITE'S THRUSH springs to mind!!!

Also, it seems we can all add Ring-necked Parakeet (371) to our Yorkshire lists...

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