Thursday, 9 August 2012

More quality Seabirds!

Another session on the cliff top this afternoon produced some excellent pirate seabird action! I'm getting hooked on this seawatching.

The sea was calm and visibility was excellent. The dark shapes of Skuas are easy to pick out at great distance even with bins. After about an hour I locked onto 4 such shapes drifting North. Breathtaking action ensued with "the team" of Arctic's systematically homing in on fish carrying Terns. It was fascinating to watch how they harassed the terns as a team into dropping their catch...of course it was than a free for all!

Then the star of the show arrived...POMARINE SKUA!!! (H90, P135). Superb powerful bird, complete with spoons. It joined the Arctics and the structure difference was obvious and educational. The impression of power was also impressive. I watched them all for a good 30 minutes. Top bird...

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