Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Knot another!

Large numbers of Gulls and quite a few Terns on the beach this morning...

...which encouraged much scanning to try and locate something "good".

Bucket fulls of Little Gulls at Hornsea but I haven't found one yet!? Eventually I managed to find something different in the form of a summer plumaged Knot (H.97).

Still playing with my converter, sometimes using it (710mm), sometimes not (420mm). I know I'm biased but to say it's an old camera it will do me fine. It performs better than the current models I had and sold. Even the flight shots are decent and easy to take...both to locate and focus. Switch on time is very quick...and important. Point and shoot is all I require. Birder first...photographs a bonus.

c100 yards

Flight shots of fast moving Gulls

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Tim Jones said...

Hi Alan,

What camera and converter are you using now? Looking into getting one myself, flight shots of those gulls are impressive!