Tuesday, 12 June 2012


After doing my Physio' like a good lad, I had a peep at my lists to see how things are going for the year. Surprise, surprise...not very well. Still plenty to go at!
If your having a slow day I've added a page with my targets on.

Quite a mixture! It includes scarce, rare and Mega, well, they have occurred!
I'm not holding my breath for another BOBOLINK but one sat in the village hedges in October (or something even better) would be nice...you never know?

We started with a draw! Great result but turgid performance. Hodgson's a good coach and organised them well. Here's a revolutionary idea...How about we try passing to each other instead of just giving them the ball back?
Same old story I'm afraid. Players just not good enough?

Having said that, throughout our History we HAVE had the players and STILL performed poorly (most of the time). Not easy, being an England fan...

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