Thursday, 1 March 2012


With the discovery of a HOODED MERGANSER in Kent it opens up (yet again) the debate regarding origin! 5 accepted records since 2000, all of which "could" have been escapes. Still, they were accepted by "the panel" so fair doos. The provenance of the current bird can never be known for sure but I suggest it's credentials are just as sound (or dodgy) as some of the other accepted records. I have to say though, it's not a species that gets the adrenaline flowing!!!

So, if you "need" it (as I do) then go and see it...then keep your fingers crossed!! I will have to wait till my Chauffer is available, as driving and indeed walking is now proving very difficult. Hopefully I'll get my Op' date soon?

Added Woodcock to the Holmpton list with a flushed bird in the lane (thanks Buddy) at dusk. Tawny Owls calling nightly and the first bats of the year were seen this evening.

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