Saturday, 24 March 2012

Rather Hectic...still!

Lots going on at the moment...but you'll be relieved to hear I won't bore you with it!

Haydn came over from York to see the "new patch". He kindly drove me around the sites and with the aid of painkillers and tactical movement I managed to stay reasonably mobile.

We started at Out Newton for Little Owl. We got out of the van and within seconds Haydn spotted it...very impressive! We'd just set off again when good stuff started appearing on the pager, including a BITTERN on canal scrape. We arrived to a packed hide including Steve Exley and Andy Roadhouse. The reedbed was unfortunately more developed than I last remembered and despite an hours vigil we left disappointed. We then drove down to the sign of any Black Redstarts. Chalk Bank was equally quiet with no sign of yesterdays Ring Ouzel.

We had another go for the BITTERN then retired to the cafe for pasty and beans. Back to Holmpton next to show Haydn around the village...he was impressed! It was then time for him to leave.

I had a break and watched the footy before taking Bud down to the sea for a while. While having a scan I noticed a whitish bird with an unusual jizz flying south over the sea...AVOCET!!! (56). Another village tick fell in the form of a distant Heron (57), seen whilst scanning for a reported Marsh Harrier.

So, after a generally slow day things finished well...

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