Sunday, 15 January 2012

First Weekend

Well, put a few feeders up in the back garden and Bingo...Barn Owl, Tawny Owl (heard), Great Spotted Woodpecker, Tree Sparrow and Coal Tit amongst others, not a bad start! Birding time limited whilst we get the place sorted as our weekend retreat but we had a drive down to Spurn this morning and I managed to pick up a few Year ticks. The road is blocked at the moment as the sea has dumped sand on the "rubber road". Still we had a drive around and I managed a short walk.
I've posted a few of my initial totals and I obviously hope to build these as time goes by. Patch list is from Spurn to Withernsea in case you were wondering (you probably weren't!).

I didn't manage to beat my Duff' year total although I'm pleased with 106. The dry year went against me and even now it's still pretty dry...RAIN is needed.

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