Sunday, 4 December 2011 IS what it used to be!

Went with Louise and Mother to Chester for a Christmas shopping extravaganza. I then took the reins and drove to a nearby bridge and waited. Out in the distance I eventually saw white smoke...

...then there it was...full steam ahead, as it should be seen...forever...

I then drove to the Station to soak in the atmosphere with c500 other enthusiasts plus many surprised, casual admirers! I was much more impressed than I thought I would be. The engine was in immaculate condition...the smells and the sights brought back many childhood memories.

In today's disposable society it's refreshing that some parts of our Heritage have been preserved for future generations to see and hopefully appreciate...I do.
That was the end of the fun as I sunk into a long shopping sit!!

Two young birders that I went to see the SANDHILL CRANE with went down for the WESTERN SAND' today. Tom texted me to see if I wanted a lift...cheers pal. We were still over in Bury and fortunately I didn't "need" it as I saw the Aberlady Bay bird in August '97. Glad you connected your number now Andrew.

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