Monday, 21 March 2011

Worth getting up early for!

I confess I'm not a morning person but when motivated I can spring to life with the best of them. This morning was such a day as I had a strong incentive to get down the road early. I decided to head for Bubwith bridge first to see if the Cranes were still present...they were! It was a glorious sunny (if slightly misty) dawn and the Cranes looked perfect in the meadow. I've had them here in my mind for years! I still find it hard to believe.

After enjoying them for 15 minutes and also allowing Rocky to have a mooch around I made for the Geoff Smith hide to check on the GGS. A young couple were already in the hide and the chap informed me he had just seen it but it was out of view at the moment. I decided to quickly see if I could see the Cranes from this location...I couldn't. As I returned to the hide he informed me it was showing again. It was back in it's favourite willow on the left side of the scrape...

You could say I'm still on a high from this double whammy! I consider myself very fortunate to have such quality species on my patch list. 4 ticks this year already!

Footnote: Popped down tonight at dusk but there was no sign of the GGS.

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