Sunday, 30 January 2011

Gull roost?

Decided to try for the 1w Glaucous Gull at Wheldrake this afternoon. Beforehand, I spent an hour at Bank Island. Nothing of note but a decent selection including a fem/imm Goldeneye in the distance. Bumped into an old boy I've seen a few times. As usual, I asked him his name and promptly forgot it! Nice man...he always reminds me how great retirement is and tells me his birding holiday itinerary!!! Good luck to him...if only?
Anyway as I was about to leave a young chap arrived, I recognized him from his Blog. I thought I had it on my list but I must have deleted it somehow? He's at York Uni' and had cycled down picking up a flock of Corn Bunting on the way! He also mentioned he'd had 30+ Brambling in Heslington.
We then both made our way down to Tower hide. Very muddy and a right usual! Gulls started to stream in from 2.30ish. Gave it till 4 but to be honest I'd past caring by then. One chap had an adult Caspian Gull breifly, but it was "obscured"...and stayed that way for me!
Wheldrake Ings is a nice spot and I've seen some good stuff there...but I much prefer NDC.
Maybe I just don't like the walk!

Found you Tim!

Just had a text from Russell Slack confirming both adult Caspian and 1w Glaucous Gulls this evening. Never mind...!

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